Symphytum officinale

Leaves and roots are highly demulcent. Used topically to promote cell regeneration and to heal damaged joints and ligaments. Soothes irritated and inflamed tissue. Comfrey is a common ingredient in salves, poultices, oils and ointments.

Ingredients: dried comfrey leaves.

  • Small-batch, hand-harvested and dried
  • 2oz fully-compostable, resealable-bags
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  • Vulnerary, demulcent, astringent, anti-inflammatory¬†¬†
  • Soothing, wound healing leaves and root

Suggest Use & Recipe Ideas

Topicals such as salves, oils, ointments, and poultices. For external use only.

Create a Comfrey Salve to reduce pain and promote healing with this recipe from

Eco Packaging

As part of our effort to care for the earth, we are proud to offer our tea and herb products in eco-friendly packaging, making it 100% biodegradable and compost-ready.


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