Farm History


Arrow Heads at Rising Fawn Gardens
Arrow Heads at Rising Fawn Gardens

The unique habitat and natural features of the farm are rich in history.  Arrowheads dating back thousands of years are treasures found in the freshly plowed fields.  In 1850, James Cureton purchased the property and constructed a grain mill on Lookout Creek known as Cureton Mill. 

During the Civil War, over 5000 Union troops camped on the farm during the Chickamauga Campaign.  After the war, the mill was used to saw lumber and as a textile mill.  The Dyer family purchased the property in 1937 from the Curetons.  In 2007, the Persinger family became the next generation of stewards for this beautiful piece of God's green earth!

Wheat at Rising Fawn Gardens
Wheat at Rising Fawn Gardens

A sustainable farming practice means we focus our efforts to work in harmony with the soil and nature.  By using cover crops, composted organic matter, and crop rotations along with a whole lot of love (and hoeing), our gardens are producing quality products without the use of herbicides, insecticides or commercial fertilizers.


Certified Naturally Grown

Certified Naturally Grown

The label, Certified Organic, is one we may be familiar with and one we have come to trust as the gold standard for fruit, vegetable, and animal growing practices, but what many consumers may not realize is how expensive and time intensive it is to become Certified Organic. It is often these challenges rather than the organic practices that keep small farmers from achieving this standard.

 As an alternative to Certified Organic, a grassroots group called Certified Naturally Grown (CNG) was formed in 2002. It is a certification program specifically for small-scale farmers to inform and reassure their customers.  CNG members apply to the program by first  providing detailed information regarding their farming practices. Then, a fellow farmer completes an on-site inspection of the farm. This thorough evaluation is reviewed, and if accepted, is  posted onto the CNG website making it available for public viewing.  It is a rigorous process, but attainable by farms willing to put effort  into the paperwork and open their farms for inspection.

We are happy to let you know we recently received notification that Rising Fawn Gardens is officially a registered and active member in the Certified Naturally Grown program. You can visit our CNG Profile here.

So what does the CNG  label mean to you?

  • It lets you know that there have been no synthetic chemical insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, fertilizers, or GMO seeds
  • It means we protect the soil, water, and air with crop rotation, cover crops and buffer strips
  • Raise free range livestock on open pasture
  • Never use hormones or routine antibiotics on livestock
  • Maintain open records of farming practices