Turmeric Tisane Collection

The Turmeric Tisane Collection is handcrafted herbal teas that begin with turmeric grown on the farm. Once the golden rhizomes are harvested, they are sliced into thin chips and coated in black pepper before going into the dehydrator. These turmeric black pepper chips are the base for each of our tisane blends. In addition to the turmeric, each blend is packed with colorful nutrient-dense and delicious herbs grown in the Medicinal Garden or foraged from the land. Each variety was thoughtfully developed with subtle flavor and intentional wellness in mind. These naturally caffeine-free herbal teas prepared in our certified kitchen in small batches are now available for online purchase or at the farm.

Learn More About Tisane

Tisane is a term used for medicinal drinks or infusions and is different from what we typically think of as tea. True teas come from the Camellia Sinensis plant. An herbal infusion, or tisane, is any plant-derived drink other than a true tea. Tisanes come from a water-based infusion of herbs, spices, flowers, leaves, etc.


Enlighten blend is a favorite to sip throughout the day. Its fragrant blend features some of our garden favorites; good for you turmeric, invigorating lemongrass and peppermint, adaptogenic tulsi and a bright hint of rose.



If Mountain Pose could be enjoyed as a tisane, this would be it with the added benefit of providing you with a delightful dose of turmeric. The Ground blend is pleasantly mild with subtle spicy and citrus notes.



Soothe blend is great to sip as you unwind from your day. Good for you turmeric, flavorful elderflower, smooth spearmint, unique sage, and a touch of stevia make up the comforting flavor profile of this tisane.



Revive tonic is your new self-care secret. Boost your immunity while enjoying this refreshing and beneficial tisane. When you finish your cup, you’ll shine from the inside out!


Autumn Tisane Blend

This intentionally crafted seasonal blend is deeply supportive and holds the magic of our sustainably grown and ethically wild-harvested herbs and spices.


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Turmeric Tisane & Honey Gift Set

Our Chai & Honey Gift Set includes our Turmeric Ginger Honey and Golden Chai Latte.


Turmeric Tisane Bundle

Nourish your body as you align with nature’s bounty.


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Turmeric Collection Gift Set

Give the gift,  or treat yourself,  to endless possibilities with the complete RFG Tisane and Spice Collections.


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