Nurturing Nature, Harvesting Health
Nurturing Nature,
Harvesting Health

Medicinal Garden Tours

Join Beth Grilley, RFG Gardens Manager, on an educational and leisurely walk through our Medicinal Plant Garden. Beth will share her extensive plant knowledge including each plant’s unique medicinal properties and various uses. Questions and conversation are encouraged! Our hope is that attendees will walk away with a deeper understanding of how nature can enhance their lives and wellness journeys. Following the walk, you are invited to enjoy a freshly brewed Rising Fawn Medicinal Gardens herbal tea. 

We welcome families, children's groups, garden clubs, and all friends of plants to come for a visit and learn with us. 

Tours are free and available by appointment June - October. 

Please Contact Us to schedule your group's tour!


At Rising Fawn Gardens, we are stewards of nature and students of life who are devoted to protecting the land, farming sustainably and building an enduring community that fosters education and wellness.

The western slope of Lookout Mountain and the ever-flowing water of Lookout Creek create the natural boundaries for these 600 acres. Southern hardwood forest and open fields provide ideal habitat for a unique, often rare, diversity of plants, animals, and insects.

We welcome you to take a closer look to learn how we take care of the land and how we offer the land in its abundance to you.

Gardens & Farm

Rising Fawn Medicinal Gardens is a living apothecary. Its abundance in plants, both cultivated and wild, offers nearly limitless ingredients for meals, teas, and topical salves. These herbal recipes are natural medicine for body, mind, and heart.


We offer our own educational programming from interpretive wildflower walks to everyday herbalism classes, as well as host “u-pick” days. Additionally, we help raise awareness for our community partners who choose to bring their programming to the farm including yoga and meditation retreats and more.


Out of all of the plants at Rising Fawn Gardens, we have a special affinity for turmeric given its widely known healing power. In our certified kitchen, freshly harvested turmeric is dried into chips or ground into powder. This gold goodness is the base for our turmeric-infused medicinal tisane and spice collection available in our online shop or at the farm.

Yoga House

The Yoga House is an ideal setting for mindfulness classes, staff retreats, church meetings, educational workshops, and celebrations. Whether you are an event facilitator, retreat participant, community member, educator, student, or volunteer, we welcome you.