Jan 03 2021


12:00 pm - 1:15 pm



Practice with Jonathan – MFR + Yin Yoga

In this slower-paced vinyasa practice we will move in novel ways that hone both awareness and challenge. You will feel better, move better, and understand more. With your physician’s approval, this practice is available to most active bodies. Pre-registration is required. Max Capacity: 10

a note from Jonathan: I can not wait to see your facemask! there will be ample space for your practice – once the practice begins, you may remove your face covering. after savasana, mask must be worn again until you step outside the Yoga House. do no harm~


Jonathan Ellis

Event Organizer

Jonathan Ellis

Therapeutic Yoga and Mobility educator, Jonathan Ellis, developed his method for teaching, which honors the traditions of Yoga as well as the needs of modern bodies and minds.  The methodology taught in his classes, workshops, and trainings are innovative and responsive to the changing needs of our culture.  He is in ongoing conversations with senior teachers and physical therapist across the nation to ensure his students are in touch with the best and most accurate information.  

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