Nov 14 2020


10:00 am - 12:00 pm



Primitive Shelter Construction with Josh



The Primitive Shelter Construction Class will offer guests the opportunity to build a stacked debris hut made from the natural materials of the forest. A stacked debris hut is a warm, soft, and waterproof structure which has been used by ancient humans for thousands of years in some of the most extreme environments on Earth.  The shelter is so effective at maintaining body heat that it can be relied upon at 40 degrees below zero.  The design is simple and the shelter is easily made but several key points have to be taught in person and described in detail in order to master this ancient skill.  Before the class begins all the necessary leaves and branches will be assembled in an enormous pile so that guests can collaborate to build the shelter itself without having to spend time gathering materials.  By the end of class, a fully completed shelter will be assembled and everyone will be able to climb inside and experience the warmth of the structure on a November day.  Lastly, we will demonstrate how waterproof the structure is by pouring a five-gallon bucket of water on top with someone inside!



Individual – $15

Couple – $25


What to bring:

Warm layered clothing, a rain jacket, and work gloves for handling branches and leaves.

 A sack lunch and water.

  No experience is required, but bring your playful side and a spirit to work in community!


Sold out!
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Josh McKinley
Josh McKinley

Josh is a lifelong outdoors enthusiast, who grew up spending most of his time in the forests, creeks, and swamplands of the southeast. He is a former park ranger, paramedic and firefighter as well as a graduate of various courses from Tom Brown Jr.’s Tracker School. He currently serves as an instructor for the Sequatchie School for Self Reliance as well as Farm Manager at Rising Fawn Gardens. He specializes in numerous primitive skills including but not limited to plant and tree identification, tracking, flint knapping, fire building, bow making and archery.

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