Nov 07 2020


10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Tree ID Hike



Follow Josh McKinley along the trail system at Rising Fawn Gardens during these cooler autumn days while rich, warm colors paint the landscape in burgundy, crimson, and gold. Hike these paths through the woods and around the fields as he explains the characteristics of the canopy and understory.

Rising Fawn Gardens is pleased to present this walking workshop which showcases the diversity of trees on the property. While we will learn to differentiate trees based on leaves, bark, and other identifying features, this interpretive walk will involve much more than simple nomenclature. Instead, participants will actively engage with different types of wood through physical items crafted from specific trees such as wooden spoons and bowls and bows. These objects will demonstrate the properties of different tree species and handling them will reinforce the learning of information covered.


$15 – Individual

$25 – Couple

15  person limit for this event

Please bring a refillable water bottle and wear comfortable walking shoes as well as layered, weather-appropriate clothing. Participants are encouraged to bring a day pack with snacks, sunscreen, and any other items they might need during a 2-hour walk. Feel free to bring a journal and writing utensil for note-taking as well. 

Dogs on a leash are welcome!

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Rising Fawn Gardens

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Rising Fawn Gardens

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Josh McKinley
Josh McKinley

Josh is a lifelong outdoors enthusiast, who grew up spending most of his time in the forests, creeks, and swamplands of the southeast. He is a former park ranger, paramedic and firefighter as well as a graduate of various courses from Tom Brown Jr.’s Tracker School. He currently serves as an instructor for the Sequatchie School for Self Reliance as well as Farm Manager at Rising Fawn Gardens. He specializes in numerous primitive skills including but not limited to plant and tree identification, tracking, flint knapping, fire building, bow making and archery.

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