Tumeric Spice Collection

Our Turmeric Spice Collection is a labor of love from start to finish. We begin with high curcumin level rhizomes we have studied over the years. The plants’ growing process begin indoors in late winter and then move outdoors to the hoop house in late spring. As the plants grow throughout the summer and fall, they are carefully weeded, watered, and monitored for pests. Only organic products are used during the entire process.

As the weather shifts to freezing temps, the harvest begins! By this point, each plant has grown to over 6 feet tall and the rhizomes of each plant spread a foot across and deep. The rhizomes are carefully unearthed, washed and set on racks to air dry. Fresh rhizomes are available to purchase during this window of time while a portion of the fresh rhizomes are dehydrated and ground into turmeric powder in small batches in our certified kitchen.

The ground turmeric and our handcrafted spice blend are packaged and available for purchase through our online store or at the farm.

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