Oct 02 2021


10:00 am - 12:00 pm



Sacred Sound Morning Meditation with Ceremonial Cacao

Join us for a morning of sacred sound meditation accompanied by a warm mug of ceremonial cacao. We’ll get cozy with blankets and yoga mats and dive into an inward journey meant to widen our awareness, bring deep relaxation, soothe our nervous systems, and uplift our spirits. Our capacity to stay in the present moment will be assisted by cacao’s loving, inspiring, heart-opening qualities and we will call upon the assistance of aromatic plants and flower waters to help cleanse, clear, and unburden. This meditation will be guided by instruments such as chimes, singing bowls, flute, drum, leaf rattle, kalimba, and hand pan, all with unique vibratory signatures that help us shift into a new state of presence and harmonic resonance. By opening our lens of receptivity and reflection we gain greater access to our innate ability to bring healing to ourselves, have the opportunity to reclaim parts of ourselves that may have been lost or abandoned, and create an opening in life to call upon protection and guidance.

Spaces available: 30


Joe’s experience as a facilitator of sacred sound ceremony comes from over a decade of study within an intact lineage of healers that work with sound as transformative medicine. Ali is an herbalist and works with plants and their benevolent spirits to help create space for transformation. Together, they offer individual and group sessions that weave together sacred sound and the blessings of the plants. Ali and Joe also own Forest Folk Fungi, a medicinal mushroom and herbal apothecary with an online shop.

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