Turmeric Ginger Honey


A spoonful of spicy, earthy sweetness. The ginger and turmeric that we grow at Rising Fawn Gardens is hand-harvested, carefully dried in small batches, and processed into fragrant and flavorful powders. These powders are then blended with local Forester Farms & Apiary honey to produce a punchy addition to your warm beverages or as a tasty topping on pancakes or a bowl of warm oatmeal.

The health qualities of turmeric and ginger continue to be proven in studies. Because of this, we love seeking ways to incorporate these plants and other medicinal herbs into the foods we consume daily. This Turmeric and Ginger infused Honey is the latest creation from our test kitchen and we are excited to offer it to you! We think you'll love the way it complements our Golden Chai Latte, Tisanes, and the many other foods you love that benefit from a spoonful of honey.

At Rising Fawn Gardens, we joyfully care for the honeybees whose work is so crucial to the health of our planet. By planting nectary species, using organic practices, and collaborating with local beekeepers, we seek to honor and support the work of all pollinators.

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Powdered Turmeric, Powdered Ginger, Honey from Forester Farms & Apiary

Store at room temperature. Separation of the spices from the honey is normal. Stir before serving.

Suggest Use & Recipe Ideas

When we developed our Turmeric Ginger Honey, we had our Golden Chai Latte as a companion to the taste experience and the combination did not disappoint. We highly recommend this pairing.

Use as a favorite addition to your warm beverages such as our tisanes or as a great topping for pancakes or a warm bowl of oatmeal.

Separation of the spices from the honey is normal. Stir before serving.

Eco Packaging

As part of our effort to care for the earth, we are proud to offer our honey in glass jars with a wooden honey dipper.


These statements have not been evaluated by The Food and Drug Administration. This product does not intend to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease. For those who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or on any medications, please consult with a healthcare provider before use.


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