May 13 2023


9:30 am - 4:00 pm

Befriending Feminine Cycle Transitions ~ Explorations Surrounding Perimenopause with Tracy Hilliard and Ashley Liston-Avnaim

This daylong retreat will explore education and skills for befriending feminine cycle transitions with a focus on perimenopause. Participants will develop an understanding of changing
physiology of menstruation and the body from the fertile years into the stages of the perimenopausal transition. Some gentle yoga and movement for all abilities will be offered as

Join us for an exploration of the relational, energetic and emotional shifts that also make these transitional years unique. Participants will leave with a deeper understanding of themselves and their bodies through knowledge about the social engagement nervous system and relational boundary work. We hope to normalize, attend to and befriend cycle transitions that our culture tends to minimize or misrepresent in the context of a safe communal space for seeking accurate information and solidarity.

*Post-menopausal or people no longer carrying uteruses are welcome to attend as there may be benefit to exploring what felt incomplete during this transition and the social/emotional changes that continue to develop across the lifespan.

Participants should dress comfortably for gentle movement and any hiking desired on the grounds during the lunch break. People of all abilities are welcome. A journal or notebook for reflection or education is encouraged along with a water bottle and anything else to make yourself comfortable for the duration of the retreat.

Lunch and snacks sourced from local foods will be provided on-site and while efforts will be made to have options for food restrictions or preferences, feel free to bring a box lunch or
snacks for special circumstances.

Early bird rate prior to April 15, 2023: $195
After April 15: $225



2 Scholarship registrations are available. Email for more info.


Rising Fawn Gardens

Event Organizer

Rising Fawn Gardens

Event Facilitators

Ashley Liston-Avnaim, LPC-MHSP, SEP of Woven Bone Somatics
Ashley Liston-Avnaim, LPC-MHSP, SEP of Woven Bone Somatics

Ashley is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner in clinical practice in Southeast TN. Ashley brings an authentic and playful approach to therapy that clients have described as refreshing, warm, safe, and grounded. She utilizes an integrative approach to healing, including mindfulness-based skill-building, somatic therapies and coaching for resilience and resourcing with a foundation in attachment theory. Ashley is interested in bringing somatic education and exploration to women's issues, body- and sex-positive education, multicultural concerns, and movement-based therapies for supporting embodiment and relationship with self. With training in two nervous system-based healing modalities, she hopes to expand healing work from the one-on-one model of care to one that supports restoration of the collective nervous system through community care practices.

Tracy Hilliard LMT, RN, BA of Belly Body Wholeness
Tracy Hilliard LMT, RN, BA of Belly Body Wholeness

Tracy has spent the larger part of her bodywork and massage career focusing on women’s reproductive health with an aim of enhancing the body’s innate systems for recovery and balance. Her goal is to meet clients wherever they are along the reproductive continuum. She is a longtime student and self-care teacher of the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy and draws upon many perspectives of health beyond massage including her studies of nursing, herbalism, mindfulness, and menstrual cycle education. Tracy encourages clients to cultivate gentle and deeper listening within the body by teaching simple self-care practices. Tracy feels passionate about others learning more about their menstrual cycle and reproductive phases and is interested in how these transitions can lead us toward a more intimate knowing of the self.

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